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Our ministry is committed to serving the needs of others with grace, kindness, and compassion.
Our Servant Ministry aims to be connectors beyond words by exuding the presence of God’s love.

We serve by offering help and support to others by moving with the charisma of God, showing humility, operating in integrity, and in obedience to His Word.

Meet Our Directors

Elita Holmes-Smith


Elbert Orr


Servant Auxiliaries List

Executive Hospitality

We serve Zion Catherdral leadership and their guests by exemplifying the disposition of love, discipline, and humility in serving.


We serve to welcome individuals into the sanctuary in a loving manner, hoping that this action prepares the atmosphere for the Spirit of God to transform lives.

Medical Unit

We provide assistance for emergent and non-emergent medical needs to the members and visitors of Zion Cathedral.

Parking Attendants

We ensure safety and order as people come onto the church property by providing a safe area for members to park their vehicles.


We prevent the occurrence of unethical or unlawful behavior toward Leadership, Members, and Visitors during service and ministry events. 


We serve those who enter the sanctuary by escorting them to seating and ensuring that a comfortable area is available for all individuals.

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