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Our Story

Since 1929, Zion Cathedral has had a rich history of prayer, discipleship, and building God's kingdom. We have been a pillar of excellence in the local community of Freeport, NY, Long Island, and beyond.
The House that Prayer Built

For 90 years, the Church of God in Christ Little Zion has stood as a landmark house of worship in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, a “Beacon of Hope” and a prominent center of spiritual enrichment for families across Long Island. It has served as a viable force, meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of its population.

The Early Years

In 1929, a small group of Christians decided that Freeport must have a Holiness church. Amidst the slowly advancing times, slackened all the more by the Great Depression, prayer and supplication led to the establishment of a small mission on Sunrise Highway just across from the Cotton Inn. Among the early founders were: Mother Gordon, Mother Valentine, Elder F. Parker, and Elder Herbert E. Fletcher who would become the church’s first pastor. Mother Valentine was serving as church mother at that time. The succession of pastors as the church’s existence took shape was Elder Fletcher, followed by Elder Walls and Elder Paul Craig.

A New Name in Zion

After the resignation of Elder Craig in the late 1930s, Elder Lafayette Winbush became the next pastor, serving for 18 years. During his tenure, he made significant contributions.

Elder Winbush gave the church its name, Church of God in Christ Little Zion. The church was incorporated on September 25, 1944. Shortly after the church’s incorporation, 19 Helen Avenue was purchased from the Second Baptist Church. This location would become the church’s home for the next 28 years. After the resignation of Elder Winbush, Superintendent S.L. Osburn shepherded the flock for a short time. The young, enthusiastic Elder Carl Cox, who became the next spiritual leader, followed him.

Bishop Otha Miema Kelly

From 1956 to 1972, Bishop Otha Miema Kelly, Jurisdictional Prelate of Eastern New York, served as Zion’s pastor. Although he did not initially come to stay, he remained at the helm of the church for 16 years.

In 1972, the church moved to 312 Grand Avenue. On Opening Day, November 26, 1972, Bishop Kelly passed the mantle and charged his spiritual son to lead God’s people “onward to victory.” Elder Frank White became Zion’s next pastor.

Bishop Frank Otha White

Elder White quickly proved himself to be a young man of vision with only great things in store for those who were privileged to serve under his newly appointed pastorate. This was the first time in the church’s history that there was a young pastor, complimented by the support of an endearing wife (Evangelist Juliet White), raising a family, at the helm of the church.

In 1988, Little Zion’s Pastor, Superintendent Frank O. White, was consecrated Prelate of the newly-formed Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Eastern New York, Church of God in Christ, Inc. Sunday after Sunday, it was evident that God had set his seal of approval on Little Zion under Bishop White’s pastorate by virtue of the overflowing 11a.m. services. He soon created a new 8 a.m. Sunday Worship Service.

Dr. Juliet L. White

Dr. Juliet L. White, the precious Honorary Elect Lady of Zion Cathedral, has devoted her entire life to reaching, teaching and touching the hearts of all those seeking a deeper relationship and closer connection with the Lord Jesus Christ.

From the sand hills of Charleston South Carolina, with the hand of God upon her life from early on, divine providence carried her into the cosmopolitan adventure of New York where she met and married the love of her life, Bishop Frank Otha White. Together they took to the road, traversing the ripe fields of Evangelism declaring that “To the Utmost, Jesus Saves!”

All along, however, the unquestionable joy of her life remained the call to the Ministry of Motherhood. Having successfully educated her five children, she herself excelled in the field of Early Childhood Education, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Elementary Education, further earning her New York State Teaching Certificate.

Despite the accomplishment of her advanced learning as a trained Theologian, having subsequently earned a Doctor of Sacred Theology and co-founding what is now the widely recognized Mason Kelly Washington White Religious Training Institute, Dr. White’s deepest passion is rooted in the power of prayer.

Dr. White’s precious anointing has touched us all and has awakened within our hearts a readiness to arise with Bishop Frank Anthone, Sherri, Otha, Chakira, Yashima, her grandchildren and great-grandson to arise and call her Blessed! For a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised!

Bishop Frank A. White

Upon Bishop Frank O. White’s return from the 1991 Holy Convocation in Memphis, Tennessee on the Third Sunday in November, he appointed the Elder Frank Anthone White as Little Zion’s Assistant Pastor.

The Ministry of the Preached Word, the talent and the business management expertise of Elder White attracted hundreds of souls to Zion. He was soon identified as a young man balanced with the ideal blend of charismatic abilities to keep young people running back for more: Joy Nights, Back Home Hours, Music Symposiums, soul-winning crusades and sold-out “live” recordings were the norm.

Always in tune with God’s system of perfection, seven years after being named Assistant Pastor, Elder White was appointed Co-Pastor of Zion.

Time to Build - Again

On September 8, 2001, the ceremonial groundbreaking for Zion’s new Cathedral took place. A little over a year later, on September 16, 2002, it was time to say “good-bye” to the edifice Little Zion called home for more than 30 years. On the morning of September 23, 2003, tons of steel and other construction material were delivered to the excavated site at 312 Grand Avenue to begin the construction of the building which would one day be known as “The House That Prayer Built.” Practically 32 years to the day Bishop O. M. Kelly appointed his spiritual son to the pastorate of Little Zion on its Opening Day, Bishop Frank Otha White announced the appointment of Assistant Pastor Frank Anthone White to the full Office of Pastor-The newly constructed and majestically imposing edifice thereafter dedicated by the late Bishop G. E. Patterson as ‘Zion Cathedral.’

Pastor Jykolyn K. White

Assistant Pastor Jykolyn K. White humbly carries the mantle sanctified in the soil of his heritage as a fourth-generation Church of God in Christ servant. As the only son of Bishop Frank A. White, “Pastor Jykolyn” as he is affectionately known, relies heavily upon his approachable pastoral style, matched by his natural leadership ingenuity in bridging the generations through his contemporary yet sensible approach to 21st Century Ministry.

Though having accepted the divine call to the Gospel Ministry during his college years, on Sunday, January 6, 2019, he formally delivered his Initial Sermon and was officially licensed in the presence of a grand gathering of witnesses at Zion Cathedral. In October 2019, upon being duly interrogated by the Jurisdictional Board of Examiners, Minister Jykolyn appeared before the Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Frank Anthone White, was administered the laying on of hands assisted by the Executive Board and was publicly conferred the credential of Ordained Elder in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Always prayerful, engaged and aligned with the visionary direction of his beloved father, our Prelate, he serves the New York Eastern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction as a Council Member of the Leadership Conference, President of the Preachers Kids Ministry, Executive Board Member, and most appropriately, Assistant Superintendent of the Bishop Frank O. White Memorial District. 

Concurrently, Pastor Jykolyn serves as local pastor of the Historic Church of God in Christ of St. Albans, keeping aflame the torch of its noble founder and distinguished successor, the late Superintendent Edgar Winston and Pastor Leroy Gillespie, respectively.

The loving husband of Lady Jasmine and the devoted father of Jeremiah, Pastor Jykolyn has consecrated himself to the awesome task of sounding the alarm that awakens God’s people—and the nations—to the adventure of upholding and restoring the popularity of true holiness.

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