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Our ministry is focused on equipping leaders with tools to reach souls for Christ. 
Our Outreach Ministry encourages collaborations across ministries to enhance and improve the overall growth of the kingdom.

We seek to be a source of growth, impact, healing, and innovation within the local and global community through missions and volunteer opprotunites. 

Meet Our Directors

Jeffrey Williams


Tanya Williams


Zion Cathedral
Outreach Auxiliaries List

Business & Professional Development

We are committed to the growth and success of our current and future entrepreneurs and professionals.

Sharing Our Stories Missions Ministry

 We purpose in our hearts to connect, listen, and share our truths so others may be Uplifted, Encouraged and Inspired.

Social Action Ministry “S.A.M.”

We organize, unify, and improve the status of Black communities by being politically postured to influence the unification of the Black Church. 

Soul Winning

We are focused on bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, through the propagating and teaching of the Gospel.

Urban Initiatives

We empower the local church to implement programs that address Education, Economic Development, Crime, Family, and Financial Literacy.


We are an extension of Christ's Ministry, and we focus on ministering to the basic needs of others with the provision of Grace-Based Soul Care.

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