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Be A Difference Maker

All Zion Cathedral members have the opportunity to make a Difference Maker by joining our various ministries. To discover the multiple ways you can serve and submit an inquiry to the auxiliary leader, explore our ministries. 

Our Ministries

Family Life

Empowering families through Christ for holistic growth.


Equipping believers for life's full dominion.

Performing Arts

Reaching souls through visual worship expressions.


Cultivating leaders for impactful engagement.


Serving with grace, kindness, and God's love.


Edifying and enlightening with knowledge and power.

Youth & Young Adult

We aim to engage Zion Cathedral's youth in church activities, facilitated by YAYA Nation, bridging generational gaps and designing youth-centric services and events.

“I want to make a difference
Doing something that makes a difference
At a time that makes a difference
With people that make a difference”

 John C. Maxwell, Author
Stay Connected

Discover our vibrant community of believers.

Attend Our Next Event

Join us at our upcoming events and be part of the experience.

Learn About Our Ministry

Get to know our ministry's mission, vision, and core values

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