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Performing Arts

Our performing arts utilize music, dance, and performance to usher the Holy Spirit into the worship services. 
Our Performing Arts ministry reaches souls through praise and facilitates the ushering of the Holy Spirit into the worship service.

We desire to touch hearts and souls, to show love and understanding, and to be willing workers at all times through songs and high praise.

Meet Our Director

Jasmine White


Performing Arts Auxiliaries List

Mass Choir

We reach souls through praise during our worship services. We comprise the Hymnal Choir, BFOW Youth Ensemble, and Praise & Worship Team.

Praise & Worship Team

We set the tone of worship for services through song by ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Hymnal Choir

We aim to promote an excellent knowledge of the hymns to the next generation.

BFOW Youth Ensemble

We gloify the God through praise and worship as a joint choir of youth and young adults ages 12+.

Liturgical Arts Flag Dance Ministry

We invoke a glorious spiritual atmosphere conducive for praise and worship through the art of movement.

Theatrical Ministry

We glorify, praise, and witness the word of God through visual dramatizations of life realities, struggling situations, and family issues.

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