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There is never a dull moment when it comes to our Amazing YAYA's! Our awesome team of
youth leaders have creatively designed ministry opportunities to keep our youth involved in kingdom
activities. Here is a look at some of the many things to participate in. Enjoy!
Zion Praise Troupe consists of praise dancers, steppers, mimes, and the drum corps. Our Mission is to meet youth where they are in order to point and direct them to Christ through scriptures and the application of scriptures to everyday life situations.
All movements whether through stepping, dancing, miming, or drumming beings acts of worship to God. Create artistic interpretations of Gospel/Christian/Inspirational or other appropriate music that are expressed through choreographed step, dance, and mime movements. Composed rudimental patterns. Empowering youth to utilize their creativity to express the church’s purpose, which is to: Glorify God, Winning and Nurturing Souls, Renewing and Cultivating Minds, Healing Families, and Awakening and Rebuilding Communities.

YPWW (Young People Willing Workers)

Our Mission is to pour into the lives of young developing Christians the principles of Holy living, and to show the enrichment of satisfying Christ through the Word of God.


Zion’s YPWW department endeavors to equip our youth through a creative and systematic study of the Bible. For ages 12-30.


The Sunshine Band “Let it Shine”


The Sunshine band (SSB) is one of the Children’s Ministries devoted to children from 2 -12 years of age. Children are reached through a variety of methods, including but not limited to Bible study, arts n’ crafts, singing and recreation. The church membership is not a pre-requisite or requirement to participate in the SSB. However, a registration form must be completed for all children.


This registration form serves to maintain a registry and provides pertinent information such as an emergency contact and vital medical information. Currently we meet bi-monthly on Friday evenings. To maintain intimate contact with our children we have a weekly Bible Club. Immediately after Sunday School the children pick up or return their packets the contain memorization, puzzles, stories etc.

Vacation Bible School


The Vacation Bible School, for ages 5 years of age to 18 years of age, provides opportunities for authentic student interaction in the church family and community. The Bible stories, familiar and non-familiar in lesson form are designed for easier comprehension to apply in their daily lives, relevant and animated displaying a Risen Savior. The use of scripture in each lesson as a memory verse will involve the students and encourage them to ask questions about a true and living God. A general theme will help students with an exciting learning environment exemplifying the five (5) Psychological tools:


  •  Humility- Teaching how to filter out their emotions, being objective and looking at all the facts.

  • Truthfulness- not justifying, not omitting facts, being genuine, real and not misleading, not to add or take away from the facts. “The Thought”

  • Honesty- To be true and trusting, acting off truthfulness. “The Thought”

  • Sincerity- To be obligated or true honesty of mind or intention, being real and dedicated to goals and beliefs held to be true.

  • Responsibility- Being answerable and accountable for your actions or being liable for yourself

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